Taylor Swift Has Gone Missing From Spotify

by Alyse Whitney

More bad news came for Swifties today. Taylor Swift removed all her music from Spotify, meaning that you need to shell out some dolla dolla bills in order to "Shake It Off" in your room. Maybe this shouldn't come as a surprise considering she didn't put 1989 up on the streaming service last week. Plus, when Red came out in 2012, it took months for it to go up on Spotify. The company posted a note on their blog today about T. Swift's decision to yank her music out from under us:

"We love Taylor Swift, and our more than 40 million users love her even more – nearly 16 million of them have played her songs in the last 30 days, and she’s on over 19 million playlists.

We hope she’ll change her mind and join us in building a new music economy that works for everyone. We believe fans should be able to listen to music wherever and whenever they want, and that artists have an absolute right to be paid for their work and protected from piracy. That’s why we pay nearly 70% of our revenue back to the music community.

P.S. – Taylor, we were both young when we first saw you, but now there’s more than 40 million of us who want you to stay, stay, stay. It’s a love story, baby, just say, yes."

Great song puns, Spotify, but not enough to woo her back yet. I pre-ordered 1989 and have purchased Swift's albums in the past, but sometimes it's nice to just pull up Spotify at work and jam out to "Love Story" or "State of Grace." And given how fan-friendly Swift is, I'd expect she would want everyone to hear her music, whether it's free or not.

But this could be an industry thing — she did sell 1.3 million copies of 1989 in its first week, with physical copies including exclusive polaroids and a chance to meet her on tour. Those incentives are great (in addition to being potentially stalked by Swift on Twitter), but for those pinching pennies who still want to dance around to "Welcome to New York," it's a big bummer.