'SNL' + Woody Harrelson = 'Hunger Games' Parodies

Saturday Night Live is known for making some great parodies of movies, sometimes even better than the inspired movie itself. So when it was announced that The Hunger Games: Mockingjay star Woody Harrelson would be hosting SNL Nov. 16, it seemed like it was more of an announcement that more, incredible Hunger Games parodies are coming our way. SNL has parodied Hunger Games before, and between the costumes, the characters, and the comedy, they have always been on point. So with Harrelson hosting the show — and Kendrick Lamar joining as the musical guest — it seems like Harrelson's episode could really deliver some great sketches.

SNL, in my opinion, has hit a bit of a rough patch. Recent episodes, including Jim Carrey's and Chris Rock's, have had a few high points, but overall have been pretty unfunny. Harrelson has hosted in the past, and while it has been over 20 years, if his past hosting duties were any indication, his episode will be hilarious.

When Jennifer Lawrence hosted the show, she and SNL cast members did a Hunger Games Press Conference skit that featured Lawrence, as Katniss, answering bizarre media questions after getting out of the games. But the Hunger Games parody gem was the hybrid Hunger Games, Divergent, and Maze Runner for a young adult novel adaption film to beat all young adult novel adaption films. In "The Group Hopper" sketch that was featured in Bill Hader's incredible episode, all of the aspects of Hunger Games and the other young adult action, post-apocalyptic movies featured in the spoof are exemplified tenfold for hilarity. Check it out below.

With Harrelson joining the cast this week, we can only hope that we have another great parody coming our way, especially if he plays his quick wit character Haymitch. Another parody we should cross our fingers for? Let's hope just because True Detective Season 2 doesn't feature Harrelson, we'll still get a spoof of his first season... maybe with Taran Killam's awesome Matthew McConaughey impression.