This 'RHOBH' Trailer Is Crazy

I have one word for the new Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 trailer: YAAAAS. Yes. In case you were getting bored with Beverly Hills — though I don't know how when it is arguably one of the best cities in the franchise — this trailer arrived to ignite any diminished flame you had in your heart for RHOBH. Whether it is drama, or luxury, or more drama, or more luxury that you are looking for, Season 5 seems to have it all. This could be the most dramatic season of Real Housewives, ever.

At first glance, there are some changes to the show. First, there are two new housewives, but luckily they're not two women you're completely foreign to. Two major, actual soap opera stars — sorry, Heather from RHOC — are joining the cast, and it doesn't look like it is taking them any time to adjust to the other women. Reality TV star Lisa Renna, who previously headlined Harry Loves Lisa with husband Harry Hamlin, and Eileen Davidson, who starred on Days of our Lives as well as The Young and the Restless and the Bold and the Beautiful, are the new additions to the cast. But while it is exciting that they'll be joining the rest of the women, they aren't even what we should be talking about after watching this trailer. Take a look the insanity Season 5 has to offer.

1. Lisa Rinna & Harry Hamlin

I know it is the Real Housewives, but I was pretty excited to see Hamlin in the trailer as well — even though he gives a majorly creepy wink. The two used to co-star in their own reality show Harry Loves Lisa, which was on TV Land, which is probably why they don't have it anymore.

2. Amsterdam

The ladies have gone on some wild trips in the past, but something tells me that their trip to Amsterdam will be one we'll be talking about for a long time.

3. Portia is kind of a B-R-A-T

At least in the trailer she is. Whether it is demanding to get on a private jet, or telling someone to "buy it," it looks like Kyle's daughter might be realizing what is actually happening around her (AKA she's on a show that shows off her mother's lifestyle — because that's what Real Housewives is after all). But what is commendable is that Kyle, who has always seemed grounded, makes a point to say that she doesn't want Portia to grow up to be a spoiled brat. Good for you Kyle!

4. What's going on with Yolanda & David

Luckily, because we are living in the present, and watching occurrences from the past, we can already kind of predict what the drama between Yolanda and David Foster is. In July, Bella Hadid, the daughter of Yolanda and ex-husband Mohamed Hadid, was arrested for a DUI. She was 17 when it occurred and blew allegedly blew a .14. It could definitely explain why David says "it was a tragic mistake."

5. Kyle and Lisa still don't love each other

And so it continues...

6. The wine fights

Ladies, come on. I know we aren't all RHONY Ramona Singers, but we should not be wasting good wine like that. Especially when we throw it at people at a dinner party — or really anywhere for that matter. Did we learn nothing from Ramona's episode last season of RHONY?

7. Someone (Brandi?) Slaps Lisa

I am only saying Brandi because of the glimpse of the hair that we see, but it really could be anyone. It happens so quickly at the end of the trailer, but I'm sure it will blossom into a huge deal once it is on the show.

8. The Maloof hoof is back

Yes. Yes. Yes. Although it doesn't look like Adrienne Maloof will be returning as a full-time housewife (she's just not in enough scenes), she is back. Now the real question is, who will she side with?

Images: Michael Larsen/Bravo