The Next Mugshot We're All Swooning Over

In June, a mugshot of convicted felon Jeremy Meeks, who looks more like a Ford model than a criminal, appeared online and went viral overnight, proving that men and women will drool over a pretty picture, even if it's of a convicted felon. Now, another mugshot has appeared online and it's giving Meeks a run for his money. A Santa Cruz man was arrested for assaulting another man on Halloween, and according to his mugshot and the Internet chatter, Sean Kory is the hottest new convict on the block. And just as we saw with Meeks, women and men are willing to disregard Kory's criminal charges (which are not so hot) just to indulge in the conversation asking (sigh): Who is hotter?

At least the circumstances surrounding Kory's arrest sound are less serious than Meek's — it was hard to hop on board the dreamy mugshot bandwagon learning that the latter was arrested on a felony weapons charge. Instead, Kory was apprehended on Halloween after he assaulted a man dressed up as a Fox News reporter. According to police, Kory, 29, approached the man and said he "hates Fox News" before taking the victim's microphone and rubbing it on his crotch and then attacking him with an aluminum tennis racket. Police cuffed him, took him in, and gave the Internet this now-famous mugshot.

Let's take a look at the social conversation surrounding the two mugshots — of course, the Internet cannot keep itself from ranking things, even good-looking convicted felons.


Since the Santa Cruz Police Department chose not to upload the mugshot of Kory onto its Facebook page (which could possibly crash their server), users had to take to Twitter to voice their "oohs" and "aahs." And many of them cast their votes in the debate.

Looks like now that a new hot model-like convict is in town, Meeks seems so last season.


There are nearly 27,000 comments under Meeks' mugshot on the Stockton Police Department's Facebook page, many of which say things like "That is one fine looking dude!" and "Wowwwwww what a sexy man!!" and even "i would bail him out if i could."

Over on Twitter, some have also remained faithful to Meeks.

And after throngs of commenters agreed that Meeks should moonlight as a model, he was signed by Gina Rodriguez of GR Media Firm, who has also represented Octomom and former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. I guess if you combine good looks with social media, you can make anything happen, even if you're a convicted felon.

How About We All Just Settle Down?

Speaking of which, can we all just take the time — once again — to remember that these men are criminals? Meeks' infamous mugshot was posted after he was arrested on five weapons charges and one gang charge. Those are serious crimes. As for Kory, sure, he was arrested on lesser charges, but he still acted a fool. The final verdict? Men who get themselves arrested should not be considered sex symbols, no matter how green their eyes are or how good they might look in a Gucci suit.

Images: Ojuolape Kayode Jnr/Twitter, HuffPost UK/Twitter, Stockton Police Department/Facebook