7-Year-Old Delivers Best Weather Forecast Ever

Somebody needs to get this little dude an agent, because 7-year-old Charlie Hale delivered the morning weather on Halloween with the kind of enthusiasm that puts Al Roker to shame. At the beginning of the segment, we get to know a bit about Charlie, who is the human personification of the world's most adorable puppy. He mugs at the camera and declares his intentions to be a police officer (he loves danger!), millionaire, and soccer player when he grows up, and while I don't doubt his ability to became any of those after seeing his can-do attitude about life, I think his calling is undeniably television news.

Seriously, this kid already has the chops and the skills: not only does he mug at the camera like a total pro, he seems entirely unfazed by the weather delivery I can only describe as a performance. "This is my first time on television!" he announces, before strolling into a weather forecast so well-rehearsed that when the tech people flip past a weather graphic too fast, he looks up and says, "Wait!"

I can tell you from experience that this is a hell of a lot harder than it looks. I have a very vivid memory of my own second grade year, when we took a trip to the Seattle Children's Museum and all got the chance to stand in front of a green screen and "deliver the weather" – there is nothing instinctual about pointing at something that only exists on a monitor ten feet in front of you, and I can promise you that I'd probably still suck at it sixteen years after the fact. Charlie doesn't even have to worry about that – he's already got this on lock, and he knows it. Check out his awesome weather report and killer Calvin & Hobbes dance movies here:

Image: YouTube