Joss Whedon. Nathan Fillion. Lightsabers.

Nerds, we must take a moment out of our day and pay praise to someone who has earned it. That person is BriTANicK's Brian Mclhaney, who has brought forth a very important image of Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion playing with lightsabers. Thank you, Brian. Our appreciation of this gift runs deep.

Whedon and Fillion have long been undisputed nobility in the geek world, together ensuring that Firefly retain its deathgrip over the hearts of the populace over a decade after its cancellation. So why were these two reigning geek figures attempting to hack at each other with a particularly geeky weapon? No one knows for sure. For funsies, would be my guess. All we've got is the picture (below), and McElhaney's facebook caption:

I'm currently watching Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion have a lightsaber battle. I felt it important this photo be shared.

Thank you, Brian. That was the correct instinct.

Details of whatever gathering this took place during are sparse, but I think I speak for many when I say very forcefully that I want to go to there. Did this perhaps take place during the same timeframe in which this mini Firefly reunion photo was taken?

Whedon posted it to his twitter the day after the lightsaber photo went up on McElhaney's facebook, so there's a very real possibility there. I will overlook Whedon's strange choice in filter and just seethe in FOMO over here.

Now let's all flash back to BriTANicK's previous amazing collaborations with both Whedon and Fillion:

McElhaney also starred with Fillion in Whedon's version of Much Ado About Nothing.

Image: Brian Mclhaney/Facebook