The Sartorialist Launches A New Web Series on AOL, and, Um, Yawn

By Candace Bryan

"My name is Scott Schuman, and I am... The Sartorialist."

Thus begins every episode of the new AOL web series that follows the famed street fashion photographer as he travels around the world to take pictures of conventionally attractive, well-dressed people who happen to be walking in the street.

The series is impressively self-congratulatory. In the two episodes currently available, Schuman slyly tries to impress us with his amazing ability to find beauty around the world, even though he's from Indiana. The show is outfitted like a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of a photographer, but instead feels like a glorified commercial.

The incredibly brotastic Sartorialist genuinely seems to believe that he is humanizing people with his photographs, but when he says things like "I like to create my own image of who this person is," he makes it clear that all the subjects of his photos are merely tools used to make himself seem cool.

If, like us, you're not impressed by his ability to recognize a "perfectly tailored suit," fear not. Schuman keeps it interesting with more unusual antics, like fighting a bull. Yet, in a not-surprising turn of events, even his bull-fighting scene is merely a vehicle to convince us that Scott Schumann is "not afraid."

We can't help but feel, though, despite his declarations of fearlessness, he looks pretty afraid running away from the bull at the end of Episode 2. But that's just us. If you want to decide for yourself, watch The Sartorialist for AOL here.