The Natural Grip Gets You Through Intense Workouts

by Laura Rosenfeld

The upcoming Nov. 7 episode of Shark Tank will be a very special one. The ABC reality show will dedicate an entire hour to entrepreneurs who have also served in the military. Now I'm sure that caught your attention, but if not, one of the products featured in the upcoming episode, The Natural Grip, is sure to grab it. The Natural Grip is a brand of workout grips created by captain of the Army Corps of Engineers Ashley Drake. The sharks will surely be inspired by her story, but as we all know, they're all about the bottom line, so will they grab hold of The Natural Grip or set it free?

Mark Cuban might bite, seeing it as a product he can implement into the Dallas Mavericks' workout routine. Robert Herjavec is a pretty active guy, so he might want to invest in this venture. However, The Natural Grip doesn't really seem to be the type of accessory Shark Tank's resident fashion guru Daymond John would be into. It also doesn't seem like something Lori Greiner could sell on QVC, and Kevin O'Leary might think the market for it is too specific to lend his dough and expertise to the company.

We won't know for sure how The Natural Grip fares until Shark Tank airs on Nov. 7. Until then, here's what you need to know to get a handle on this thing.

The Natural Grip will help you hold on tight

Don't let The Natural Grip logo fool you. It is not an organic granola brand or a religious organization, as I had originally thought. The Natural Grip is a zinc oxide and cotton tape that is customized to the fit of your hand based on your ring size. It's supposed to be worn for workouts to protect the skin on the palm of your hands from ripping, which can be painful and just looks nasty.

It fits (sort of) like a glove

To get The Natural Grip on your hands, you have to channel your inner Spider-Man. You place The Natural Grip over your middle and ring fingers on each hand, cover your palm, and then attach the grip to your wrists with tape or wrist wraps. Once you've done all that, you'll be web-slinging, I mean weight lifting, in no time.

It has an inspiring backstory

The woman behind The Natural Grip, Ashley Drake, was deployed in Iraq for 15 months where she distributed construction equipment throughout the country. Since returning home, Drake has focused on building her business, which she was inspired to create after her hands would rip during CrossFit training. Drake enlisted the help of her husband, a licensed athletic trainer who invented The Natural Grip. Now the Louisville, Ky.-based business is a family affair.

You can get your hands on The Natural Grip Now

The Natural Grip is currently available through the company's official online store. It ranges in price from $17 to $22 depending on what style you choose. There's also a ton of other workout accessories you can snag, such as apparel, soap, and tape. You can also join the company's subsGRIPtion service (get it?!) to have new grips periodically delivered to your door, if you're a beast that blows through them pretty quickly. In case you'd rather get your Natural Grip products elsewhere, there's a bunch of other online retailers that sell them as well.

Drake is clearly a fighter, so the sharks better be ready for one of their most formidable opponents yet.

Images: Kelsey McNeal/ABC; /Tumblr