Miley Might Be Dating the Terminator's Son

Well, this is adorable. It appears that when she's not busy taking bathtub selfies and giving her friends tattoos of her dog, Miley Cyrus is spending her Halloween getting super cozy with an old friend. An old friend that she is "casually dating", if numerous media outlets are to be believed. Apparently, Cyrus was photographed leaving Patrick Schwarzenegger's apartment in the early morning of Halloween and, E! Online reports, sources are confirming that they're seeing each other. Or just good friends. It's always hard to say for sure when boys and girls hang out with each other and have all those hormones flying all over the place. Considering how long it's been since Cyrus ended her engagement with Liam Hemsworth, it would be nice to hear that she's moving on to someone new. You know, if this story were true.

Here's the thing. I've been disillusioned by Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin's fake relationship. Sure, I can find pictures of Cyrus leaving Schwarzenegger's apartment and, sure, the two have history together, but I can no longer honestly say that I believe stories about celebrity couples that don't come with an official confirmation and photographs of them kissing. If Martin Lawrence can manage to get together, date, and break up behind our backs without a single picture linking them to one another in any real way, then who's to say that Cyrus and Schwarzenegger are anything more than good friends?

However, if they are a couple, it would be an adorable pay off of about three years of unresolved sexual tension. In 2011, Schwarzenegger expressed to Details magazine that he had a huge crush on Cyrus, but nothing between the two ever really developed and she reconciled with Hemsworth not long after that. The two were rumored to be dating around that time, but the rumors never became anything stronger or more accurate than just rumors. So do the pictures of Cyrus leaving Schwarzenegger's apartment mean that the two of them have rekindled an old spark of attraction and are totally seeing each other now, even if they're not putting labels on it? I'm not convinced. Unless, of course, Cyrus left the apartment with a deep cry of, "I'll be back."

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Image: FamilyofSmilers/Twitter