Chastain Won't Be Part of the Next Brangelina

It's hard enough to date people when they aren't being splayed over the covers of numerous tabloids — am I right, ladies? — so I certainly understand the talented Ms. Jessica Chastain's reluctance to be a part of any sort of celebrity relationship that warrants that kind of crazy, obsessive attention. I mean, really. Just imagine you have a fight with your significant other in Starbucks because, let's be honest, it's a stressful place, and some paparazzo catches it in action. Now, there's divorce rumors spreading when you weren't even married to begin with. It's all sorts of ludicrous.

I'd certainly want to avoid that sort of mania and I think Chastain's onto something by sidestepping it altogether. Especially when you consider that she's never exactly been tabloid fodder to begin with. The actress explained to The Telegraph, "I tend to avoid places where I might get photographed... I just don't think of myself as a movie star — I'm an actress." Which is totally true. Despite her success, the Zero Dark Thirty actress is hardly the person you'd find getting into trouble at an LA nightclub.

More specifically, it would be not just Hollywood gossip but a Hollywood relationship that would catapult her into the unwanted fame territory. As say explained, "It just puts a magnifying glass on you. If you want to be really famous, then date another famous person. But the fame is not the part of my life that I am excited about."

So I guess it's safe to say she won't be a part of the next celeb super couple like, oh I don't know, the incredibly famous and constantly talked about Brangelina. If I was Chastain, I'd probably just want to avoid the horrifying aspect of a couple name more than anything. *Shudders*

This insight from The Telegraph interview isn't exactly new information, though. The Golden Globe winner has talked about her low key life before. The New York Times wrote this about her during an interview in 2012: "She has ascended to this delicious height without tabloid-worthy histrionics." Then Chastain went on to back that up saying, "I’m not as interesting as my movies.” She also told The New York Times about how red carpets are hard for her to deal with: "The red carpet takes a while to get used to. The photographers, the yelling aspect of it."

So, for someone as camera shy and quiet as Chastain is, it's probably for the best that she's learned how to navigate Hollywood's do's and don't's. I don't know about you, but I've seen one too many ultra public celebrity relationships fail because of the immense pressure and I think she has a point. If she knows she can't handle that, then she's already one step ahead of the game. You do you, Chastain. It's been going pretty well so far.

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