Which 'Queen Bee' Should Be Most Worried?

This week's episode of Queen Bee was absolutely brutal. Or maybe that's just my natural inability to take criticism transferring over to our three contestants. On the first episode of Ora.tv's Queen Bee that premiered last Tuesday, we were introduced to four young female entrepreneurs — Sugar Kiss Bake Shop’s Gabriella Pullano, Just Jamie Scaves’ Jamie Futterman, and BeltCraft’s Mo Wilkie. This week, all three girls were put through the ringer by their judging mentor and two of them — Jamie and Mo — should be really worried about their place in the game when elimination rolls around.

Mo was tasked with coming up with a fresh marketing campaign for her product, but her idea for doing so fell flat immediately in a way that was pretty tragic — though not entirely unexpected. Jamie's job was to think about sales, and her mentor, Lawrence D. Lenihan Jr., was on hand to help her see the flaws in her business strategy. There was one pretty big flaw he pointed out from the start that really made me, for one, feel bad for Jamie. Let's just say the fact that this was the face that she made as they discussed it really says it all.

The only contestant I'm not worried about after this episode is Gabriella. She might have run into a few issues of her own with her challenge — and those issues were pretty big — but she seems to have it all together a lot better than Jamie or Mo do right now. The clock is running out on these three girls being able to pull off something that will impress the judges enough to avoid being sent home in the first elimination. Will Jamie be able to work out the flaws in her business model? Will Mo be able to get pull off her marketing strategy despite her initial failure? Will Gabriella really be the one to come out on top, or are we being misled by her apparent success? And which one of these three entrepreneurs will be the one to be sent home?

The only way to find out is to tune in to next Tuesday's episode of Queen Bee. To see how the girls are doing so far, and decide for yourself which girl you're most concerned about, check out this week's episode below.

Image: Ora.tv (2)