What's Hotter Than An #AfterSex Selfie?

When I went to my local polling place to vote this Tuesday morning, the media strategist in me couldn't help but think that the whole operation could do with some serious rebranding. Sure, the point of voting isn't to look cool — it's to, you know, participate in our democracy — but couldn't they at least try to make it a little less like the DMV? Maybe try some free snacks? A photo booth where you could automatically post your humble brag of an after-voting selfie to Twitter?

Me and my selfish Millennial ways can keep dreaming. Instead, I got a GIANT paper ballot, which I bubbled in (cue some flashbacks of high school standardized testing) before scanning (yes scanners still exist) my GIANT ballot into a machine that told me in GIANT letters that "my vote was counted."

The whole experience was pretty '90s (optimism for what the future holds and all), but you know what? The '90s are back. And voting? Well, that never goes out of style.

Because #aftersex was the most hilarious selfie hashtag to trend on Twitter in maybe ever, we decided to call on Bustle readers, writers, and editors to submit their #AfterVotingSelfie. Because who says voting can't be sexy?

You see those rosy cheeks? That would be our post-voital glow.

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