Hollywood Told Amanda Seyfried She Was Overweight

I know Hollywood puts incredible pressure on women to be thin and perfect, but it still makes me so mad whenever I hear that the industry treats beautiful actresses like they're worthless unless they fit some twisted body ideal. Recently, Amanda Seyfried admitted she's been considered overweight in the film industry, and that is just so many levels of wrong. The Mean Girls-breakout star went on to huge roles like Sophie in Mamma Mia! and Cosette in Les Miserables. She's beyond talented, and so gorgeous. But apparently she's been made to feel less than by some Hollywood casting agents.

"Fun fact: I almost lost out on several roles in my career because I was overweight. Wrong, America," the actress tweeted on Oct. 18. This didn't get the media's attention until now, but I'm glad it's being talked about now. As angry as it makes me to learn that Seyfried was subjected to this, I'm glad she's speaking up and being honest.

Her admission was not prompted by anything in particular; all her surrounding tweets were about very different topics. So you can guess that Seyfried was either triggered into thinking about this, and got angry, or this situation happened again.

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But the other thing I notice about her tweet is that she says she "almost" lost out on roles. This makes me think that when threatened with the loss of a job, Seyfried kicked it into overdrive and worked out and dieted until she wouldn't lose that role. For me, that kind of taints all the movies she's been in, especially Mamma Mia! Which Seyfried called out back in 2010 to Glamour magazine.

If I didn't run and work out, there's no way I would be this thin. But I have to stay in shape because I'm an actress. It's f***** up and it's twisted, but I wouldn't get the roles otherwise. If I'd been a bit bigger, I don't think they would have cast me for Mamma Mia!"

But beyond working out, Seyfried admitted that she's had to drastically change her diet to meet Hollywood's casting standards. In 2010 she also told Esquire that her diet entailed only eating raw food. "Yesterday for lunch? Spinach. Just spinach. Spinach and some seeds," she said.

I'm a little bit annoyed that no one talked about how horrible that was back in 2010, but at least the conversation can be had now. And I'm proud of Seyfried for broaching the subject. Perhaps in the past she let the industry get to her and followed their rules, but I'm thrilled she now sees how wrong anyone is who calls her overweight.

Seyfried has always looked gorgeous no matter her size. I dream of a day when can acting be about talent instead of insane body standards, and I applaud Amanda Seyfried for having the bravery to point out just how twisted this industry really is. Every time an actress tweets about the body shame she's been subjected to, or comments on the insane diets she is practically forced to endure, we get one step closer to an industry made accountable for their actions.

So thank you, Amanda, for opening the door to a conversation that needs to stay in the forefront of our minds if anything is ever going to change.

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