Why Are Goat Heads Hanging From This Street Light?

Look, I'm not here to tell people how to live their lives, nor how decorate their neighborhoods for the upcoming holiday season. I understand that we're all just doing the best we can, taking what comes our way, and trying to get by as we roll along this crazy road called life. I respect that my journey might be different from your journey, and that we should celebrate the things that make us different, and that really, our differences are what make us stronger as a whole. THAT SAID, I kinda feel like goat heads hanging from street light in Brooklyn might be, ya know, excessive. But that's just me. I guess I should just accept it since goat heads are clearly Park Slope's thing. I should probably get at least a vote in this choice of festive holiday decor since I live in Brooklyn, where some individual took actual whole moments out of their life to make the confusing choice to throw goat heads up on a street light. Sure, Park Slope isn't my exact neighborhood, but something like "goat heads hanging on a street light" feels like it should require a borough-wide consensus.

Honestly, I'm not even upset. Assuming that these goats were raised in nice enough conditions, were slaughtered humanely, and that their bodies were used to nourish other living creatures, I'm pretty not mad about these heads existing in their current detached-and-skinned state. Circle of life, etc. I just want to know why they're on this street light? What does it meeaaaaan? Is it a political statement? Is it Art™? Did Kanye tell Kim to do it to appease Anna Wintour and she was like, "*robot voice* Okay. *bleep bloop gears clicking* #GoatSelfie"? I just need answers. Quit playing games with my heart, goat head-slinger.

Images: Getty Images; KatieHurd/Twitter