Apparently, "Martin Lawrence" Never Broke Up

by Kadeen Griffiths

If you're like me, then you've been following the saga of "Martin Lawrence" (the couple, not the actor) with very little interest because you're utterly unconvinced that the two even know each other. When the news broke that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin were dating, everyone was wildly fascinated by the story because the two of them were about the strangest pairing you could possibly think of and because there were a thousand theories about what brought these two particular human beings together. But due to a lack of photographic evidence, interest in the couple quickly waned to the point that when the couple broke up pretty much no one cared. Now, People is reporting that Lawrence and Martin might still be together — or in the process of getting back together — and quite honestly at this point I think it's time to grab a popcorn.gif and settle in.

For me, Martin Lawrence is as elusive as they are frustrating. Despite the fact that the couple was first rumored to be together in mid-August, pictures of them are few and far between. And by few and far between, I mean they've only been photographed in the same place maybe twice and the single high-resolution photograph of them features them leaving in two separate directions with two different groups of people. All of their dates have been described by anonymous sources and have very little to back them up despite how public those dates were. They went from private vineyard dates to romantic dinners in busy California to concerts — all without anyone snapping a picture more incriminating than this one.

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

However, according to People, not only was Lawrence seen paying an extended visit to Martin's Malibu home "for several hours" the same day it was reported that they had split up, but she returned to his house on Thursday and again on Saturday, the day after Halloween. How do we know that this happened? Well, honestly, we don't. Mind you, Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow have been out together numerous times since their divorce, numerous well-document times, but every time Lawrence and Martin go out together — despite being a more fascinating and confusing couple — no source that isn't anonymous can confirm they were ever together. So, what conclusion can you draw from that?

Let's stop worrying about it. According to the popular rumors, Martin and Lawrence have not only had their first break-up and their first reunion from said break-up, but they have also gone on tons of dates and, perhaps, met each other's parents. Lawrence and Paltrow are allegedly on good terms (although Paltrow doesn't want Martin to introduce Lawrence to their kids just yet) and this totally not fake relationship seems to be making Lawrence very, very happy. At this point, the rumors tell a more interesting story about this relationship than any photographic evidence or on-the-record statements ever could. Until Paltrow and Martin get back together or Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult get back together, this is all the news we're going to get about Lawrence's love life and it's pretty hilarious news.

Where would we be if we couldn't speculate about Martin Lawrence's dates? Where would we be if we couldn't wonder what her favorite Coldplay song is? Where would we be if we couldn't foam at the mouth in a crazed fury that there are STILL NO PHOTOS OF THEM YET? Lawrence's relationship with Martin is exactly the kind of unusual, both the relationship itself and the odd discrepancies about the relationship, that will keep us entertained for months. Now that they're "back together", it's about time we stop poking holes in this story and start enjoying it.

Image: Getty Images