Wes Anderson Is Apparently Building A Theme Park

Wes Anderson wants to build a theme-park inspired by the visual art of Mark Mothersbaugh his sometimes-musical go-to guy (and former Devo dude, and generally genius badass.) Before you sell your summer home in Prague (we all have those, right?) in order to fund the cost of tickets to this veritable wonderland, you should be aware that the operative word in that first sentence is "wants". Anderson thinks Mark's art is cool. He thinks it's so cool, in fact, that he'd LIKE to get the dollars lined up to build a Mothersbaugh theme park. "Like" is different than "is going to". I would 'like' to be able to move things with my mind. Alas, I cannot...yet, anyway. But to be fair, these two have been known to make very wonderful things a reality in ways that mere mortals cannot, so if anyone can build a theme park, it's these guys.

I do love the idea of Anderson and Mothersbaugh making a theme park together. I mean, as a fan of the movies and their music, how could I not? I would give my eye-teeth to visit The Royal Tennenbaums section of the park. Oh! Oh, and The Fantastic Mr. Fox area. THINK OF THE GIFT SHOP, YOU GUYS! The only bad thing about such an amusement park would be the other people there. It's like going to a concert where a band you really, really love is going to play and finding the place swarming with people whose faces you inexplicably want to punch because you know that there is no way they are understanding the awesomeness of any of it nearly enough. Like, very few people will be able to appreciate the utter gloriousness of this might-be theme park to a degree that I think is necessary for them to be allowed in.

While we're at it, any other director/composer duos are going to team up and make a theme park, my vote is for Tim Burton and Danny Elfman. But I mean, frankly that feels like the obvious choice. Still, I'd be down, provided there was an interactive Mars Attacks! exhibition. Those aliens both titillate and terrifying me. I guess Steven Spielberg and, who, Hans Zimmer could have a theme park? But I feel like it would be deeply moralistic and probably kind of emotionally manipulative. Bet it would sweep the theme parks awards though. Ha ha ha, I've amused myself.

Image: Getty Images; Giphy(1)