Praise be, Jon Hamm is a Cat Lady

Ugh, Tuesdays are the new Mondays, AMIRIGHT? Thankfully Jon Hamm has graced us with his glory in a most unexpected way, and it will surely delight you. The Mad Men star appeared on Comedy Central's @Midnight on Monday and he revealed his true identity — a full-blown Cat Lady. Leave it to Hamm to strike down the stereotypes surrounding cat-lovers. Gone are the days of the lonely, fur-covered stigmas! Hamm has made a feline fixation sexy, stylish, and wholly enviable. Thank you Mr. Hamm, for you have done a service unto all those who adore cats and their endless meme-ability.

In the hilarious segment, Hamm waxes poetic about his four-legged friends to host Chris Hardwick and competing guests Nikki Glaser, John Mulaney, and Judah Friedlander. In just five minutes Hamm could turn any cat-questioner into a total cat-believer. He's also boosted the sales of this Live in the Meow sweatshirt at least 100-fold.

Gather 'round all ye cat ladies, cat men, and non-gendered cat people and feast your eyes on a most glorious moment of peak Catdom. It's clear that Jon Hamm gets us. He understands why cats are the superior pet. He's totally secure in his cat-lationships and doesn't need to constantly be adored by those "other pets." Here's what Jon Hamm knows about the majesty of felines.

The Internet is for CATS!

Cats are man's best snuggle buddy!

Cats with top hats and 401k's will rule us all.

Cats need retirement plans because they have nine lives.

Cats are hard workers, especially bodega cats.

If Jon Hamm always brakes for cats, everyone must always brake for cats.

Live in the meow.

And now the clip you've all been waiting for:

Viva la Hamm!

Image: WiffleGif; fuckincoolshitz; i-wanna-be-a-your-boyfriend; animatur; bodegacat; icatmeme/ Tumblr, Comedy Central/YouTube