15 Gifts for Frozen Fans, Because the Elsa in Your Life Won't Let It Go

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From little cousins to young-at-heart roommates, there's a decent chance someone on your holiday shopping list harbors wishes for a Frozen-themed bit or bauble. Even though this Disney film was released back in 2013, it continues to gain momentum, inspiring spin-off products, parody videos, sexy Halloween costumes, and more. When will the madness end? Perhaps never.

So you may question the phenomenon that is Frozen (it's no Lion King, amiright?), don't fight it. You have the power to make someone very happy this holiday season with merchandise both directly tied to the franchise and merely inspired by it.

To ensure you don't fall down a glittery, snow-filled Internet rabbit hole, I've made your job easier by putting together a list of the choicest items. (You're welcome.) If the beauty and cleverness present in the following items don't melt your cold, cold heart, and if your skepticism over Frozen's awesomeness remains, I can only give one piece of advice: Let it go.

Written by Steph Auteri

Image: ClaraMaesDaughter/etsy.com

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