'Frozen' Hits Yet Another Box Office Milestone, Proving That It Is Unstoppable

This movie cannot be stopped! Frozen has now hit a gross of $400 million in domestic box offices, which is freaking huge for the movie. It keeps breaking records, keeps topping charts, and oh yeah — it's an animated musical that stars not one, but two ladies. Sure, they're animated, but they're ladies, nonetheless.

The film already reached a huge landmark, as it's the sixth highest grossing film of all time . It's also the highest-grossing animated film ever, and we're talking at a world-wide level. Its soundtrack is heading towards its 12th week at the number one spot on the Billboard charts, which means it's well on its way to usurping Adele's record-breaking album. Her album, 21, held the top spot on the charts for 24 weeks, and judging by Frozen's popularity and mass appeal, it seems like it may very well beat the British songstress's album.

I've mused about why Frozen is a success, and I've even gotten nostalgic about Disney's past and my childhood at length, but the truth of the matter is that this movie is seriously something special. It proves that sisterhood is stronger than anything, and it's a tale of a plucky girl and a misunderstood girl. It has no antagonist, simply two female protagonists. And...it brought back the power ballad. You know which one I'm talking about.

At that rate that it's going, this movie will likely continue hitting milestones and breaking records, and that's pretty awesome news for fans of the movie.


Image: Disney, Frozen GIF