Wendy Davis Channels The Power Of Wu-Tang

Wendy Davis is kickin' like Seagal out for justice. The filibustering Texas gubernatorial candidate headed into Tuesday's closely watched race trailing her opponent, Lieutenant Gov. Greg Abbott, by double digits, but she's fighting back — and it looks like she has a secret weapon. News 4 San Antonio reporter Emily Baucum caught Davis rocking a Wu-Tang Clan T-shirt while visiting supporters in her hometown of Fort Worth. Will this help Davis stay awake to the ways of the world 'cause Texas gubernatorial races are deep? I guess we'll know by Tuesday night.

At this point, the rising political star could use a bit of Wu-Tang power. According to FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver, who may or may not be a witch, Davis has just a 0.6 percent of beating Abbott on Tuesday — a major blow to Texans looking to change the tide of the staunchly red state.

Davis became a household name in the summer of 2013, when she staged an 11-hour filibuster to block an onerous abortion bill that would close a majority of the state's clinics and ban abortion at 20 weeks. That bill ended up passing the Texas state legislature later in the year — and closed over 40 Texas abortion clinics — but Davis has already become a Democratic superstar in the Lone Star State.

And in case you're wondering, she also has a Wu-Tang name: Scratchin' Lover. (Thanks, Wu-Tang name generator!)

If you're not a Wu-Tang fan, let me explain: That logo Davis is rocking is a play on the Staten Island hip-hop group's logo, which looks like...

Sadly, the (parody) Twitter Wu-Tang Financial wasn't as excited about Davis' Wu-Tang gear. However, there's no word yet if this will effect their vote.

Let's just hope that RZA, Method Man, and GZA are proud.

Image: Getty Images