17 Times Jamie Dornan Stared Into Your Soul

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Wah, wah, wah. So Jamie Dornan's not going to show his whole self in the 50 Shades of Grey movie. But really, it's just not a big deal because we don't need to see all of Jamie Dornan to melt into an inexplicable puddle of mush. All he has to do is set himself in front of a camera and look directly into it with his impossibly emotive eyes.

Now, instead of griping over the actor's lack of nudity, perhaps we should be debating whether or not it should be legal for someone to have eyes as big as his in that piercing, bluish greenish color and use them in such an invasive way. Because I'm pretty sure he's just seen straight down into my soul and I kind of feel like I need to get him a pair of those cyclops glasses so he can stop inflicting so much harm.

So, here's all the times Dornan has stared into the very core of you. Fair warning, you may never be the same again.

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