27 Adorable Thanksgiving-Themed Dogs and Babies

Even if you hate almost everything about the Thanksgiving season — the sorta dry turkey, the pretty dry stuffing, and the extremely dry conversation with your aunt about what Cousin June's been up to at college this year — there is still one part of the holiday that holds you, and everyone else, helpless in its sway: babies, kids, and dogs dressed up for Thanksgiving. It's true — why else would they keep having those elementary school Thanksgiving pageants? WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ON THANKSGIVING! Those pageants — and everything else we do with kids in November— is simply to let as many people as possible enjoy the magic and beauty that is a child (or a dog) wearing an old-timey buckle hat for reasons that they barely even understand.

And so, to bring you some unfettered joy this Thanksgiving season, we present the following 27 painfully cute dogs, babies, and children, all enjoying Thanksgiving and its attendant festivities. Grab some candied yams, brace your ovaries, and ponder who in your own life you could trick into wearing a plush turkey hat as you gaze upon the adorable parade of real babies and fur babies decked out for the season below. Is it me, or did things just get way cuter in here??!

So, what have babies, children, and dogs been getting up to for Thanksgiving? Well, some of them dressed up like pilgrims and turkeys to truly capture the spirit of the holiday:

Well, that was enough kids, babies and dogs dressed up for Thanksgiving, right? WRONG!

Oh, but surely THAT must have been enough kids, babies, and dogs dressed up as pilgrims and turkeys, right? Oh man, don't you ever get tired of being so WRONG?

But not all of the adorable kids, babies, and dogs of Thanksgiving wanted to dress up as old-timey religious folks or delicious food stuffs. Some of them just want to put on their totally sweet holiday finery for the big day:

And some were just feeling the spirit of the season:

Some were invited to take a seat at the Thanksgiving dinner table with all the adults and snacks and other exciting things:

And some just wished that they were:

And some were put in ... awkward positions that I'm sure didn't last long after the picture was taken:

(I mean, I'm confident that you can tell your baby apart from a turkey, but still, it makes me uncomfortable for reasons that I can barely even articulate)

Happy Thanksgiving, from America's babies, dogs, and children, to you!

Images: Giphy (2)