Meet the Woman Who Plays Felicity Smoak’s Mother

She may have taken a backseat in last week's episode due to her guest star appearance on The Flash, however, this week is all about Felicity Smoak's backstory on Arrow . So much so, in fact, that the writers even decided to name Wednesday night's episode title around the concept. "The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak" will finally give fans some answers to all those burning question we have regarding our favorite tech geek's past — one of which includes learning about Felicity's relationship with her mother, Donna Smoak, who is played by Charlotte Ross. As of now, we know very little about this character other than the fact that she's a cocktail waitress in Vegas, which Felicity revealed during Season 2's episode "City of Blood."

Judging by the tone, though, things don't exactly seem to be smooth sailing between these two, which should make for a very interesting story arc. But before we dive headfirst into all of the Smoak family drama, let's take a closer look at Ross herself. Though this will officially be her debut to Starling City, the actress is certainly no stranger to the small screen. Odds are that if you really think about it, you've most certainly come across her various characters before.

She's Quinn Fabray's Mom on Glee

Glee fans should immediately recognize Ross as Judy Fabray, who has made several guest star appearances throughout the series' run — the last one being back in May 2012. Anyone else now hoping for a Felicity-Donna karaoke night? No? Just me?

She's Played a Well Known Detective

Ross also took on the role of Det. Connie McDowell in the popular crime series NYBD Blue, which ran from 1998-2004. Of course, having an acting background as a police officer isn't going to really help her win her daughter's affection back on Arrow, but still. It's nice to know Ross would be able to kick some crime-fighting ass if push came to shove.

She's Hit on Deacon Claybourne

Alright, well technically, her Nashville character hit on Deacon, but you get what I mean. Ross played an old friend of Deacon's, who runs into him at an AA meeting. Unfortunately, he turns down her advances since he's currently seeing Megan at the time, which is good for his morals, but too bad for poor Ruth. We feel your pain, girl.

She Was a Soap Opera Star

From 1987-1991, Ross could be found playing Eve Baron Donovan in the popular daytime soap opera series Days of Our Lives. But much like sands through the hourglass, the actress eventually felt it was time for her to spread her acting wings and fly the coop.

But as for what exactly Starling City has in store for her, we'll just have to wait and see.

Images: isayalittleprayerforquinn, whentherightonecomesalong/Tumblr