This Campaign Sign Just Won the Midterms

The results are in, and senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is keeping his seat. More exciting for McConnell still is he may not only be retaining his seat, but he also may become the majority leader should Republicans take control of the Senate (as many outlets, polls, and pundits have predicted). But things got really interesting when FOX News reported from McConnell's victory party and caught what might actually be the most epic campaign sign ever. The enormous sign, held by what must be a diehard fan in the back, shows McConnell gesturing dramatically with the phrase "COME AT ME BRO."

The sign may be the first meme of the night, but it probably won't be the last. It's pretty majestic, if we're being honest. Whether you support McConnell or not, you have to admit this dedicated fan just made him look a whole lot cooler.

Other races with meme potential include the governor's race in Texas, where politician turned Internet feminism superstar Wendy Davis (D-TX) is facing off with Governor Rick Perry. Here's hoping her trademark sneakers — which she wore for an incredibly long filibuster regarding women's right to choose — will make a similarly badass appearance this evening, either in person or via clever meme. Hey, she already made a fashion choice worthy of Internet chatter Tuesday.

Images: Rosanne Salvatore