Schmidt & Cece Share a Surprising Moment

Poor Winston. Even when the plot is directly centered around him, he still doesn’t manage to capture the spotlight. Schmidt kissed Cece during Tuesday night's New Girl episode "Background Check" in order to prevent her from spilling the beans about the fact that Jess was currently in possession of meth. Oh, and did ight in the middle of Winston’s police academy background check. (Somewhere right now, Walter White is beaming with pride.) But Breaking Bad references aside, let’s not bury the lead here. Schmidt and Cece locked lips… yet I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed.

We’ve all guessed the day would come when these two love birds would finally find a way to get back together (or at least start to reconnect on a physical level), but this is so not the kind of reunion I’d had in mind. There should’ve been tension… there should’ve been a build up… there should’ve been music playing and sparks flying as finally gave in to a passionate embrace.

But none of that happened. Schmidt simply put his mouth on hers to stop her from talking to the police inspector lady. And, by the look of things, Cece didn’t even really seem to enjoy it. (See picture above.) Almost like it didn’t affect her at all. Is this something we should be reading into concerning the future of their relationship — or, dare I say, lack thereof? I certainly hope not for all of our sakes.

However, maybe I’m being too picky. I mean, a kiss is still a kiss, right? It definitely made me sit up and take notice, which is why we’re thoroughly dissecting this moment and not if whether or not Winston passed the home visit inspection. (He did, BTW.) Yes, whether you were thrilled or disappointed with this moment or not, it was definitely enough to steal Winston’s thunder. (Sorry Winston.) So the fact that this kiss happened at all could be taken as a step in the right direction. A baby step, mind you. (She's still going on dates with other guys, sadly.) But still a step all the same.

Plus, it’s not as though Cece pulled away or slapped him for kissing her — two things we all know she would be more than comfortable with doing. And am I just projecting my own desires into this scene or did you notice that brief millisecond where they stared into each other’s eyes post-kiss? I swear — it was fast, but it was there. Then there's the fact that Cece kinda sorta admitted that she had kissed him back. Swoon.

Could there still be hope for these two crazy kids? Are you impressed that I’ve totally talked myself into this? Let’s just all be in agreement that any more future kisses should involve a much more romantic setting. These two deserve it. And so do we.

Images: FOX; treadwaterlightly/Tumblr