Lawrence Washington Is Building a Media Empire

by Ariel Kay

This Sunday, the style and celebrity commentary show Fashion Queens returns for a third season on Bravo. Like Fashion Police before it, this program is all about praising and critiquing the sartorial choices celebs make each week. Fashion Queens sets itself apart from similar shows, however, by featuring three hosts who are all Southern players in the fashion and beauty worlds. Of all this show's big personalities, Lawrence Washington (aka Miss Lawrence) is by far the most outrageous. Here are a few reasons why should you know all about Fashion Queen s' Miss Lawrence Washington. (Besides the fact that his lipstick game is on point, of course.)

For one, Miss Lawrence is not afraid to throw some major shade if he feels an outfit deserves it. The other hosts — Bevy Smith and Derek J — certainly get their digs in, but Washington is known for dishing out the best zingers of the group. And he has the credentials to back it up. Not only does the fashion maven wear better clothes than a lot of the celebrities Fashion Queens covers, but he also has his hands in multiple areas of the entertainment world, including hairstyling, beauty, and music. Here's the rundown of a few things that make Miss Lawrence one to watch.

You Might Recognize Him From His Other TV Appearances

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Before Fashion Queens, Miss Lawrence rose to fame through his work as Sheree Whitfield's hairdresser/confidante on Real Housewives of Atlanta. The beauty expert was always around to give Sheree helpful advice, or just to provide some much needed comic relief. In fact, Miss Lawrence's takes on the housewives' shenanigans were so good that he and fellow Fashion Queens host Derek J — who also styled hair on RHOA — host Spilling the Tea , their own web series on Bravo.com, where they recap all the craziness that goes down in Atlanta each week.

He Has an Album in the Works

In addition to Miss Lawrence's career in hair and his work on television, he's also setting out to make a name for himself in music. He has several singles available on iTunes — though his most well-known song, "Closet Freak," is no longer available. Lawrence recorded "Closet Freak" with the help of housewife Kandi Burress. But then their relationship soured after he declined to be part of her record label, according to an interview with The Jasmine Brand. After that, "Closet Freak" was taken off iTunes.

This is Kandi's side of the story, tweeted several months earlier:

He Has Some Very Famous Clients

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In addition to working with the Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies, Miss Lawrence has also been the hairdresser for Jennifer Holiday, Ciara, and Serena Williams, according to Bravo. He also owns his own salon, so us normal folk can get VIP treatment as well. Or, if you can't afford a plane ticket to Atlanta, just tune in to Fashion Queens to hear Lawrence's take on the latest hair and fashion trends.

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