He Almost Got Fired From 'Below Deck'

All sorts of exciting revelations are coming out tonight during the Season 2 reunion of Below Deck , aren't they? Perennial Bravo reunion host Andy Cohen was suited up in his Ohana uniform and ready to dish on the many highlights and lowlights of the season. One of these involved Kelley and wasn't something we got to see on TV.

Captain Lee revealed that he would have fired Kelley if he had heard about the deckhand's ultimatum given to Eddie early on in the season. In case you've forgotten, Season 2 started off with not only Kelley and Jennice as deckhands but also clueless and absent-minded Andrew. Soon, it became clear that Andrew didn't really know what it was doing, and when he was screwing things up so badly for the rest of the crew, Kelley told Eddie that if he didn't get rid of Andrew, he was out of there.

Everyone's favorite salty sea dog Captain Lee was not having this. "I don't do ultimatums at all," Captain Lee said during the reunion. Oh no he doesn't.

Captain Lee originally revealed being tempted to let go of Kelley in a blog post on Bravo's website. However, Eddie said during the reunion that he was just so busy during the charter that it slipped his mind to clue Captain Lee in about Kelley's ultimatum. Hmmm. How convenient.

But really, I don't think it would have been such a great decision to let Kelley go, especially ahead of Andrew. I mean, like what? In what timeline would that ever happen? A hungover, lovesick, and obstinate Kelley is always a better deckhand than Andrew at his best.

Well, luckily Captain Lee didn't fire Kelley, so we were able to see his romance with Jennice eventually blossom, and we were treated to a very special pole-dancing performance. It was a win-win all around.

Captain Lee also revealed that he would in fact set sail with all of the crew members again, even Andrew if he proved he was now capable. Aww, he does have a heart. However, Captain Lee was a little hesitant to work with Kelley again. "I'd like to see Kelley step up a little more, pay more attention to his duties, and not let the extraneous crap get involved," Captain Lee said during the reunion. Will there ever come a day when these two will get along?

Image: Tommy Garcia/Bravo