Is the Grounders' Blood a Miracle Cure?

As Norman Bates would say, "Mother! Oh God, mother! Blood! Blood!" This season of The 100 definitely isn't slacking in the creepy department. At the end of last week's episode, not only did we see the people of Mount Weather healing miraculously (Who do they think they are? Vampires from Mystic Falls?), but we also saw a terrifying scene right out of a horror movie. Hey, show creator Jason Rothenberg, thanks for turning someone's nightmare into a reality. So, why are these "Mountain Men" or "Undergrounders" draining Grounders of their blood? Are they killing the Grounders in the process, or just taking certain amounts? Whatever the answers might be, Clarke better find a way to save the Grounders, break the others out of their cages (including her enemy/probably soon-to-be ally Anya), and convince her own people to help her find a way out of Mount Weather.

We'll have to wait until Wednesday night's episode airs to see what happens, but until then, let's speculate about the Grounders being hung upside down and treated like animals raised for slaughter. Now, I know what some people are thinking: why should Clarke help the same individuals who mistreated, attacked, and killed some of her people? The answer is, because Clarke is a hero, a good person, and this disgusting act is barbaric.

Moving on, I assume the Grounders' blood is a cure for injuries and illnesses. After all, we saw one burn victim, Langston, heal in an unexpectedly short amount of time, which just isn't possible. As we learned in the Season 2 premiere, via President Wallace, he and his people can't survive outside of Mount Weather. However, Clarke's people and the Grounders seem to have amazingly self-sufficient immune systems allowing them to survive on a surface that was once infested with radiation. To make a long and complicated story short, the Grounders' bodies went through natural selection and the 100 were exposed to solar radiation, so they can live outside the walls of Mount Weather.

Is their blood seriously some type of cure? Also, is this special blood only used for ailments, or is it a daily routine (something like dialysis) that each resident goes through? Does this mean once Mount Weather runs out of Grounders they'll turn to Clarke and everyone else from the Ark? And, might I ask, if Mount Weather residents are being pumped with Grounder blood, then wouldn't they build some type of tolerance for the ground? There are just too many questions that I need answered, stat!

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW (2)