You Have to See Obama "Sing" T. Swift

You haven't lived until you've seen President Obama "sing" Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." Though it doesn't feature him shimmying and shaking like T. Swift, he understands her. sick. beat. Well, at least that's what Jimmy Fallon wants us to think. After Obama gave a speech in Philadelphia on Sunday urging Temple University students to vote by saying, "Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote," Fallon turned the voting message into a catchier song. With five instances of the word "vote," you can guess what he did with "Shake It Off," and it turned out as perfectly as Brian Williams' "Gin and Juice."

Unfortunately, this isn't a full song yet, but the voters gonna vote, vote, vote, vote, vote, and when Obama tells you to shake it off, you shake it off. I'm sure that Malia, Sasha, and even Michelle would be jealous if he was working with Swift, or maybe they'd welcome it because they'd get to dance with her (like I imagine they do with Beyoncé). Considering that Swift is now the New York City welcome ambassador, it wouldn't be weird for her to help with other government projects. I'm sure Obama's first order of business would to get Swift back on Spotify.