Will 'Nashville' Publicity Hurt Juliette & Avery?

Well folks, the time has come. The bomb has been dropped on Nashville. In "Nobody Said It Was Going To Be Easy," Juliette revealed to the press that she is pregnant. And she didn't just stop there, no no. As if that wasn't enough, Juliette also revealed that Avery is the father during the Nashville episode. We had learned earlier that Avery told Juliette he wanted to raise the baby, but not as a couple as he still didn't trust her. Now that the news is out, how will the solo soon-to-be parents handle the rough waters of a very public pregnancy, and how will it affect their current relationship? The reveal and subsequent publicity can either be really great or really terrible for their future as parents and their potential to reunite as a couple.

Considering Juliette's track record with telling Avery things or even doing right by him, I genuinely wonder if she ran it by Avery that she would be revealing his identity as the father. I'm hoping the answer is yes, because without that information, we all know the Nashville press would've had a field day speculating on who the father could be. This way, the pair is ahead of the storm... For the time being. But having their personal lives in the public eye won't be easy at this point in their relationship. Although Juliette has handled publicity before, it hasn't always turned out well — remember the shoplifting incident? So what could we expect from the couple as they handle the publicity?

Best Case Scenario — The Publicity Brings Them Back Together

It is possible that being linked together in the media becomes a good boost for both Juliette's image and her relationship with Avery. Considering the paparazzi will be following them everywhere they go, maybe Avery and Juliette will decide there is strength in numbers and spending so much time together will allow them to hash out their problems. Spending so much time with Juliette and being involved in helping her with the pregnancy could make Avery realize that not only does he want to be back with her, but he also can learn to trust her again, since she has changed just as much as he has.

Worst Case Scenario — Publicity Ruins Everything That Could Have Been

Considering Avery's recent downward spiral and Juliette's not so great past involving that shoplifting incident, her mother, her relationship with football player Sean Butler, and many other issues we probably don't even know about yet, it's possible the news will tear this couple apart. The constant berating and terrible speculation added onto the excessive paparazzi could make Avery more angry at Juliette and cause both of them to fear for the safety of their future child.

Most Likely Scenario — The Publicity Isn't What Brings THem Back Together

At the end of the day, the spotlight might not have much of an effect on their feelings for each other. I believe that from what we've seen of Avery's quick turnaround toward responsibility and Juliette's realization of how to treat this situation with proper care and maturity, this couple will find their way back to each other soon.

Images: Mark Levine/ABC; whentherightonecomesalong/Tumblr (3)