Ian McKellen Perfectly Uses Gandalf Quote Again

He's at it again! If you're a fan of Lord of the Rings, then keep on reading because this will surely make your day. Apparently, Sir Ian McKellen takes his role of Gandalf very seriously, as he yet again used the fan-favorite line, "You shall not pass!" at another school as a learning tip. What happens if you don't study? "You shall not pass!" Get it? I hope you do, because it's not rocket science. This isn't the first time the Oscar-nominated actor gave this speech. About three weeks ago, he visited another school in the United Kingdom and told students if they didn't do their revisions properly, then (yep, you guessed it), they wouldn't pass. I feel like McKellen should become part of every school's morning announcements. What a perfect way to begin each day by warning students if they don't do their work, they're going to fail. It's so uplifting, motivating, and a reality check. Plus, blasting McKellen's voice over the TV or intercom is exactly the kind of wake-up call I would hope for.

McKellen's ingenious use of "You shall not pass!" got me thinking. What other situations would be fitting for the use of this beloved quote? It's not just perfect for those in school, but it can be used in everyday life. With that said, here are four scenarios (among many) where the popular phrase would work.

Driving, Driving, Driving

Whether you're driving to and from work, or running errands, or meeting friends, whatever the situation may be, there's always that one driver who tries to sneak in front of you. Nope. Just nope. If I want to let you pass in front of me, I'll let you. On the other hand, there's always those people, especially when you need to merge or get on/off an exit that are like, "Hell no, I'm not going to let you over." Maybe I should cleverly change my license plate to "You shall not pass!"

Waiting in Line at a Club

Do I go to clubs? No, but I can totally see a bouncer bouncing people from the line or forbidding them from entering a club. How much better would it be if McKellen got in on that action or moonlighted as a bouncer?

Trying to Get Through Airport Security

Waiting in any kind of line drives me bonkers, but going through the process of removing your shoes, your electronics, your belt, your coat, your scarf, your liquid baggie, among a million other items, is irritating (but, I totally get why we have to do it). What would improve upon this situation? McKellen dictating who does and who doesn't get to board.

Cutting in Line

Raise your hand if you've been patiently waiting in line (say, at Disney World because you've been waiting all summer to hop on Thunder Mountain) and there's that one person (or 10 people) who pass you because their friends and family saved them in a spot a line. Um, wait in like the rest of us, or I'll sick McKellen on you.

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