'Riddick' Comes Out Today, Here's What to Watch on Netflix Instead

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To anyone who was planning on going to the movies this weekend, I'm deeply sorry. The only new release is Riddick, the third installment of Vin Diesel's franchise that doesn't involve being fast and/or furious. This movie, just like The Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch Black, is set in the future, where the title character has night-vision. Still not exactly sure of how there've been three of these.

Unless that description really excited you or you really love One Direction, there's nothing to see in theaters this weekend. Instead, why don't you stay in and watch some Netfix. There are a few new movies available, and all of them are bound to be better than Riddick. Plus you don't have to pay $14 or put on pants to watch them. Win-win.

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