The 17 Best Moments of J Law's Mouth's Career

If you're looking to satiate you anticipation of the new Hunger Games movie, good news. The first clip of Mockingjay: Part 1 was released today, and it doesn't disappoint: It's a riveting moment in which Katniss Everdeen sees Peeta is still alive and stares at a screen, mouth agape. It's supposed to imply that she's in shock. Academy award winner Jennifer Lawrence, everyone.

When you think about it though, so much of Lawrence's acting is based around the weird things she does with her mouth. Get your head out of the gutter, I mean that sincerely. When you see Lawrence, on talk shows, on film, on the red carpet, or whatever, you just notice that she has an amazing expressiveness that is, in part, due to the remarkable elasticity of her mouth. With Katniss, a usually stoic heroine, the mouth agape thing is about as expressive as we get with her, bar the occasional "omg the Capitol is ruining my life" freak out. With someone like the perpetually hysterical nervous-breakdown-in-a-black-dress Tiffany Maxwell, it's like, a whooooole different thing. Really, the mouth brought home that Oscar. It deserves all the awards.

To further exhibit the mouth's impressive range, here's extensive documentation of the best moments in Jennifer Lawrence's mouth's young career.

1. The mouth demonstrating how to eat, or have a stroke, maybe

2. The mouth is horrified, simply horrified

3. The mouth learning that it's going to Chipotle after Letterman

4. The mouth is bitter, and speaking the truth requires further lip emphasis

5. The mouth can't even deal with Pat Solitano's bullsh*t double standards

6. The mouth is doing a double take

7. The mouth having a battle to the death with the lesser-known Jennifer Lawrence's hand

8. The mouth feeling quite apologetic

9. The mouth being unfamiliar with the "smiling" concept because Katniss Everdeen hates happiness

10. The mouth knowing where the party's at

11. The mouth indecisive about if it wants to be sad or coy

12. The mouth having a full blown panic attack

13. The mouth possessing all the graceful poise of an oscar nominee

14. The mouth about five seconds away from smacking a bitch

15. The mouth on the verge of tears because being a housewife is hard stuff

16. The mouth delivering a pretty weighty humble brag

17. The mouth knowing it's the most talented mouth in all of Hollywood

Images: Giphy.com