Adam Brody's Returning To TV — Finally!

Hallowed be the memory of Seth Cohen, for Adam Brody is returning to television. He's guest starred plenty over the past few seasons: He hit New Girl last year as one of Jess' eager exes. He's been in three episodes of House of Lies and three of The League. He was in ten episodes of Yahoo's Burning Love. But lo, there has been a swirling void of Adam Brody starring roles since Seth Cohen left our lives. Until now. Will Brody's new show really fill that void? Hard to tell. The premise sounds all kinds of Lost Season 1, albeit with fewer monsters: As The Hollywood Reporter reports, Billy & Billie will follow two step siblings who fall in love and, well, then have to deal with all the weirdness that comes with something like that.

Brody will play — you guessed it — Billy. Not quite Lannister-level incest action, but definitely with some echoes of Shannon and Boone, or at least Drive Me Crazy. I suspect the weirdness levels of the premise will hinge on how old these two crazy kids were when their parents got married.

The show will being brought to the world via DirectTV, with Boardwalk Empire actress Lisa Joyce playing the other Billie. Director/screenwriter/playwright Neil LaBute will be directing, writing, and producing.

In honor of this occasion, here is a particularly goofy and romantic comedy-themed Seth Cohen moment: