10 Beauty Tips for Your First Day at a New Job

When it comes to the first day at a new job, it's important to put your best foot (and face!) forward. One of the easiest ways to settle those first-day jitters and make a stellar first impression is to find the perfect work-appropriate look.

In terms of your morning beauty routine, it's important to remember that less is more in the workplace. We've put together 10 crucial tips to make sure the big day goes smoothly by keeping it simple, radiant, and refreshing. Listen to us and you're guaranteed to start your new 9-5 looking, and feeling, better than ever.

Written by Nile Cappello

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Opt for a Braid or Bun

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Braids and buns are hands-down some of the best hairdos for work. Easy and low-maintenance, these styles will keep your hair off your face (and out of your way), and send the message that you are ready to get down to business.

Choose Comfortable Shoes

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One of the biggest mistakes you can make for a new job is assuming you need to wear high heels. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing dressy flats or boots, choose a low and comfortable heel or wedge. First days often involve tours of the office — and often offsite lunches or events — so it’s essential to wear shoes you can move around in.

Go Easy on the Perfume

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This can’t be stressed enough — don’t overdo the perfume. Although smelling pleasant is obviously a worthy cause, strong-smelling or heavy-handed scents are guaranteed to make a poor first impression among your coworkers. Keep it simple with something light and floral.

Choose Natural Eyeshadow

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Black eyeshadow is a sure-fire way to stand out like a sore thumb, and in all the bad ways. A bit of liner is okay, but make sure to step back from the dark shadows — save the nighttime look for, well, nighttime. Take a cue from Blake Lively, queen of natural radiance, to perfect a fresh palette.

Go With Neutral Lips

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When it comes to your lips, stay in the realm of neutrals and light pinks. As much as we love a good classic red lip, it’s far too bold of a statement for the workplace — especially for the first day! Draw some inspiration from Jennifer Aniston’s refreshing look and stick with a lighter lip.

Don't Forget Deodorant

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Let’s face it, first days of work aren’t exactly a stress-free situation. Make sure you have plenty of fresh (and strong) deodorant on deck to keep you smelling good all day long.

Get a Fresh Manicure

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Now is not the time to pick up a habit of nail-biting — no matter how much of a stress-reliever it can be! A clean, fresh manicure can make you look as powerful and put together as you feel. Treat yourself to a manicure before the big day, if you’re not sure about painting them yourself.

Stock Up on Mints

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Chewing gum isn’t exactly the picture of professionalism — but neither is a bad case of halitosis. Stock up on mints to pop in your mouth after lunch or after coffee.

Tastefully Accessorize

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Don’t overdo it on the statement necklaces or blingy bracelets — you don’t want to look like a little kid playing dress-up. Opt for sophisticated pieces to keep things sleek and simple, like Angelina Jolie shown here at the #TimeToAct summit.


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One of the worst makeup faux pas is forgetting to moisturize before applying powder and/or bronzer. Remembering this step is especially important when it comes to your work look — dry skin causes uneven patches, which will draw attention in all the wrong ways.