9 Times Kris Jenner Was Accidentally Your Idol

Say what you want about Kris Jenner and her Kardashian empire, but deep down you know and appreciate the hilarity she contributes to Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And what better day to realize how much you kare than on Kris' birthday? On Wednesday, Kim Kardashian wished Kris Jenner happy birthday on Instagram — that's right, Kris just turned 59 —and called the notorious momager her "idol" for all she's done for their family. Which obviously got me to thinking, while we're all guilty of panning the Kardashian matriarch from time to time — especially when we're tasting Kris' mac and cheese recipe from In The Kitchen With Kris — there have been plenty of times when Kris was actually our idol. Even if it was just by accident.

I'm the first to admit that it still rubs me the wrong way that Kris wouldn't let Bruce have a debit card. He's a grown man and brought home his own bacon, Bruce deserved to spend his money on a remote control helicopter if he wanted to. But, c'mon, people, you have to admit that it's actually kind of fun watching Kris Jenner on TV. Especially when Kris is as dramatic as you wish you could be when someone forgets to bring the wine bottle opener to the beach or when her favoritism of Kim was the blatant honesty you wish you could show when someone asked you who your favorite friend is.

There's a little Kris Jenner in all of us — even those of us who try to hide it (stop trying, we can still see you). So, on her 59th birthday (even though she's probably telling people that she's 40) here are 9 times Kris Jenner was accidentally your idol. Because it's totally OK to admit it — I mean, Kim did.

When She Got Real About The Effects Of Bad Cell Service

Have you tried going on Tumblr on 3G? It sucks.

When Her Sarcasm Was On Point


When She DGAF About Carbs

Kris just gets you.

Or Wine Glasses

Who really needs diets or glasses to get in the way of enjoying life? #treatyoself

When She Loved Herself

Self love is important, people.

When She Got Real About Life


When She Knew Exactly What An Emergency Is

You had one job.

That Other Time She DGAF

Will people think she's a bad mother for having a favorite child? If they do, SHE DOESN'T CARE.

When She Praised Vogue

Specifically Kimye's Vogue.

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