21 Gifts for the Home That Put Design First

What to get the home that already has everything? Picking out home decor gifts can be tricky, but if you nail it, well, you nail it. No worries if you're at a loss for ideas — pulled together in this slideshow are items that are beautiful, bold, and serve a purpose in the home. (Say no to knick-knacks people, just say no.)

Whether your recipient is a bookworm, music-lover, kitchen queen, or simply loves to entertain, something in this collection will be sure to impress. So without further ado, here are 21 gifts for the home that prove design matters (because it does).

Written by Chelsey Grasso

Image: Biegert & Funk

Codify Pencil Holder by Anthropologie

Copper and classy, my two favorite C words, are embodied in this beautiful Codify pencil holder by Anthropologie.

Codify Pencil Holder, $48, Anthropologie

Conceal Wall Book Shelf by Umbra

The Conceal Wall Book Shelf by Umbra is made for the ultra-minimalist.

Conceal Wall Book Shelf, $13, Umbra

Chair X36 by GloDea

Chair X36 by GloDea is the ideal folding patio chair. Its modern design is both sleek and simple.

Chair X36, $89, GloDea

Adjustable Tablet Stand by Sharper Image

Ever find yourself holding up your tablet above your head when you’re lying down in bed? Yeah, it sucks. This Adjustable Tablet Stand by Sharper Image will solve that problem on the spot.

Adjustable Tablet Stand, $159.99, Sharper Image

Splash Coat Rack by Blu Dot

The bold and colorful Splash Coat Rack by Blu Dot gives off a strong first impression in any modern home.

Splash Coat Rack, $239.20, Blu Dot

His & Her Key Holders by A Place For Everything

Cute and clever. Nicely done, His & Her Key Holders by A Place For Everything.

Key holders, $17.50, A Place of Everything

Nested Caged Metal Side Table by Urban Outfitters

Everyone loves a good set of nesting tables. Check out the Nested Caged Metal Side Tables by Urban Outfitters for a metal take on the design.

Nested Caged Metal Side Table, $159, Urban Outfitters

Lasso Rope Wine Bottle Holder from Luckies

I don’t know about you guys, but I could stare at the Lasso Rope Wine Bottle Holder from Luckies for hours. How do they do it!?

Lasso Rope Wine Bottle Holder, $33.20, Luckies

Vestige Bathtub Caddy by Peg & Awl

Baths are great, until you get in the tub with your wine glass and your book and have no place to put them. It can be a hard knock life without a Vestige Bathtub Caddy by Peg & Awl.

Bathtub caddy, $168, Anthropologie

O Deer! Wall Vase by Dot & Bo

O Deer! Wall Vase by Dot & Bo is perhaps the most wonderful vase to ever exist. Just look at it.

Wall vase, $38.99, Dot & Bo


Fish are so simple. This fish tank is so not simple. The contradiction of it all makes the FISHHOTEL by Umbra somewhat genius.

Fish hotel, $35, Umbra

Polished Brass Rain Shower Head by Elements of Design

If you’ve never taken a shower underneath a rain shower head, you’re missing out. Don’t let your friends and family miss out. Get them a Polished Brass Rain Showerhead by Elements of Design.

Shower head, $52.38, Lowe’s

Gus Modern Steel Magazine Rack by Smart Furniture

You know how people judge you by your magazine subscriptions? Let your true colors fly with the Gus Modern Steel Magazine Rack by Smart Furniture.

Steel Magazine Rack, $295, Smart Furniture

Qlocktwo by Biegert & Funk

No hands, no digits, no problem. The Qlocktwo by Biegert & Funk will blow your friends’ minds … and make sure they are never late to anything ever again.

Qlocktwo by Biegert & Funk, $690, Biegert & Funk

Cherry Slab Cutting Board

Nothing gives your recipient an excuse to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers’ market like having a beautiful cutting board on which to chop them.

Cherry Slab Cutting Board, $73, Of a Kind

Agate Slice Coasters by Gossamer & Violet

There have never been prettier coasters than the Agate Slice Coasters by Gossamer & Violet. Period.

Agate Slice Coasters, $64, Gossamer & Violet

Balloon Dog Bookend by IMM Living

Have a friend who’s a major modern art fan? Balloon Dog Bookends by IMM Living are on point.

Balloon Dog Bookend, $48, SFMOMA Museum Store

The Original Couch Arm Wrap by BlisscraftandBrazen

Couches are cool, but they’re even cooler when you can put a drink on the arm and not worry about it tipping over. That’s totally doable now, thanks to The Original Couch Arm Wrap by BlisscraftandBrazen.

Original Couch Arm, $225.07, BlisscraftandBrazen

Megaphone by en&is

I know, smartphone speakers are nothing new, but this megaphone by en&is is just kind of amazing.

Megaphone, $539, Lumens

Inside Out Champagne Flute

These inside out champagne flutes make cheers-ing even more fun. Perfect for New Year’s Eve, don’t you think?

Inside Out Champagne Flutes, $70, MoMa Store

Cocoon Bench by Moroso

Bonus: This dream piece Cocoon Bench by Moroso. It’s a colorful, woven pod, people! What’s not to love?

Cocoon Bench, $8,130, Moroso