Sex on TV Vs. Sex IRL: How Shonda Rhimes & HBO Are Lying to Us (& Why We Love It Anyway)

TV has gotten really, really ridiculously sexy lately. Sure, we've had explicit sex on HBO since we can remember — True Blood showed us so many body parts in its seven seasons that they were almost unsexy by the series finale — but now, explicit sex has come to network TV in a big way. The Mindy Project made anal sex the subject of an entire episode. How to Get Away With Murder brought analingus into the Thursday night TV conversation. TV is getting steamy as hell. And while it's wonderful and scintillating to watch, don't get it twisted: sex on TV is nothing like sex IRL.

And don't you forget it.

Sure, there are the similarities: both instances of sex normally involve a bout of feverish anticipation that's almost agonizing. (In real life this could be a few hours, but on TV, we wait eons for our favorite characters to just. get it on. already.) Sure, in both situations, you're deeply attracted to the person involved, which explains the part where you're all hot and bothered. But, let's be honest: as great as it is, sex in real life is awkward.

There is stumbling and tripping over jeans stuck around your ankle. There are weird sounds that you're just gonna choose to ignore because it's better that way. There's that moment when the daylight comes and you wish that just like Anne Hathaway in some romantic comedy, you could wake up magically wearing the flounciest, girliest chemise known to womankind so you could float on a cloud to procure a glass of water without your S.O.'s roommate kinda maybe seeing your hiney since his T-shirt-cum-impromptu nightgown is too short.

Still convinced that your sex life is just like Olivia Pope's? Here is your much-needed reality check, my friends:

Images: HBO; Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle