'Mom' Should Unite Hollywood's Funniest Couple

by Marisa LaScala

Things we all know: Anna Faris is hilarious. (Not just on screen, either — her in-person appearances on talk shows crack me up.) Chris Pratt is hysterical. (The best joke on Parks and Recreation? Andy's "I typed your symptoms into the thing up here, and it says you could have 'network connectivity problems.'") And they're one of the few Hollywood couples that are even funnier when they're together. Faris and Pratt may get to prove why they're the greatest comedy couple alive on this season of Mom. Faris hinted to Entertainment Tonight that she wants Pratt to guest star on Mom. "Oh my god, I would love it so much," she sais. "I know that he would love it because we're both hams, we're actors. But the multicam format really lends itself just to that element of performing live is so thrilling. So I'm going to get him."

That would be perfect. Pratt is already well versed in sitcoms from his years on Parks and Recreation. (And then maybe Faris can work her way into the next Guardians of the Galaxy movie?) Until that happens, here are some other moments that prove why they're the best.

That Time — Or Many Times, Really — That She Pranked Him

Faris and Pratt seem like that couple that really like to have fun with each other — anything is fair game. Take, for instance, the time she went on Ellen and had Ellen DeGeneres leave Pratt a voicemail saying she was being arrested. And Pratt's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was one of the best, because it ended with a surprise soaking, courtesy of Faris. (And Pratt's mom — teaming up with your mother-in-law to prank your husband is cold, Anna.) If your marriage can survive your spouse pouring a bucket of freezing cold water on you, it can survive anything.

The Time He Sang to Her for his Saturday Night Live Monologue

It's no "Sex Hair," but it's still pretty good.

That Time They Were Top Chef Judges

Usually, when actors and actresses become Top Chef judges, they come with a long list of foods they won't eat: no meat, no soy, no gluten, etc. When Faris and Pratt went on Top Chef: Seattle, they said they'd basically eat anything, making them the chill couple you'd want to invite over at a dinner party. Instead of listing a bunch of food restrictions, they used their reality TV time to do what they do best — be naturally funny — and make fun of The Bachelorette .

That Time Pratt Proved He Could Braid Hair

And he's really freaking good at it. I know we've talked about this before, but it bears repeating. I'm not the type to get jealous of other people's husbands, but, when I saw this, I was almost too envious to move. I thought braiding hair was an activity relegated to friends at sleepovers, not something married couples do together. I keep trying to teach my husband, but it seems like braiding is something you learn at sleepaway camp or not at all. I don't think he'll ever be this good.

Maybe if Pratt does make it to Mom, we'll get to see even more of his hair skills.

Images: Getty; Instagram