Nick Jonas' "Jealous" Remix With Tinashe Is At Least 10 Times Better Than The Original — LISTEN

I guess he's not the only one who's a little jealous! Nick Jonas' "Jealous" remix with Tinashe is here, and it's at least 10 times better than the original (and the original is pretty great). Yeah, you're going to need to stop what you're doing right now and give it a listen. Oh, and if you don't know who Tinashe is, believe me, you'll want to know by the time the song is finished! The 21-year-old up-and-coming R&B singer's fantastic debut album, Aquarius, just dropped in October, and she's already making quite a name for herself (she's featured on Calvin Harris' new album, Motion , as well). With the addition of Tinashe's smooth vocals, if you ask me, this new remix definitely has the potential to turn "Jealous" into an even bigger radio hit.

On the original version of "Jealous," we only get to hear from Jonas: he just can't stand it when he's out trying to have a good time and other guys won't stop flirting with his girlfriend. On the remix, however, Tinashe gives listeners a little taste of the female perspective on jealousy. As it turns out, women are constantly losing their minds over her boyfriend, too — and she's starting to feel a little jealous herself! On her verse, Tinashe sings:

Listen, I'm the type to never sweat no chick

Ain't nobody but you got me stressin' this way

And you know

Now the struggle's always real

Girls be steppin' in my space, all up in your face

How am I supposed to feel?

It's also worth nothing that the chorus on the "Jealous" remix has been given a spicy makeover, because...well, why the hell not?

'Cause you're too fuckin' beautiful

And everybody wants a taste

That's why (that's why)

I still get jealous

You're too fuckin' beautiful

And everybody wants your sex

That's why (that's why)

I still get jealous

NickJonasVEVO on YouTube

The "Jealous" remix is available on iTunes now. Nick Jonas' self-titled sophomore album is due out on Nov. 10.

Oh, and I almost forgot about this:

OK, now I'm done.

Image: kachingwe/Tumblr