17 Danny Castellano Quotes From 'Mindy,' Ranked by Grumpy Ramblings to Pearls of Wisdom

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Mindy Lahiri may be my spirit animal, but the reason that I tune into The Mindy Project has almost an equal amount to due with Mindy's main squeeze, Danny Castellano. The Staten Island-bred OBGYN might just be the grumpiest, sassiest and somehow still simultaneously adorable character we've seen on TV in a long time. And he just so happens to get the very best lines on the entire show — even when they're not totally valid. Danny spits out quite a lot of one-liners, some of which we all can wholeheartedly agree with. Others? Not so much... but that doesn't mean we love Danny any less. Click through for a list of Danny's best one-liners, ranked from "a totally grumpy rambling" to "totally has a point."

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