Could a 'Mean Girls' Sequel Happen? You'll Be Surprised Who's On Board

It seems like every movie has a sequel, spin-off, or remake these days, but could a Mean Girls sequel really happen? When the cast sat down for Entertainment Weekly 's reunions issue, they spilled plenty of behind-the-scenes secrets from filming the 2004 hit movie, but the only person who touched on a follow-up film was Tina Fey. She said that at the time the movie was made, she didn't want to do a sequel, and though she regrets it now, it's "too late." In a new excerpt from the EW interview, all four Plastics revealed if they would be game for reuniting officially for Mean Girls 2. (Well, maybe another name since the 2011 straight-to-DVD movie was also named that.)

Though Rachel McAdams (Regina) has arguably gone on to have the most successful career post-Mean Girls, she'd totally be on board "Yeah, I’d totally be up for that," McAdams said. "Anything that Tina is at the helm of, I’d be into." Lindsay Lohan (Cady) agreed, suggesting they would all be grown up in the version. Since they all detailed where they saw their characters being now, 10 years later, the script practically writes itself.

Both Amanda Seyfried (Karen) and Lacey Chabert (Gretchen) were cautious about it; in fact, Seyfried is pretty adamantly against a sequel, ever. "You can’t f**k with that. You wouldn’t do a sequel to Rosemary’s Baby or any Woody Allen movie," she pointed out, also citing The Shining, because Mean Girls "really is special." Chabert pointed out that with such a beloved film, you don't want the sequel "to be a letdown." Honestly, getting these ladies in the same room and filming it would be enough of a sequel for me. I'm 100 percent Team Mean Girls 2.

Image: Paramount Pictures