Amanda Bynes Photographed Sleeping in a Mall & Her Tweets About It Are Even More Troubling

It looks like reports that Amanda Bynes' parents have made the decision to turn their conservatorship over to a specialist may have come at a good time, because it beginning to look like Bynes' situation is getting even worse. According to reports published on TMZ, as well as photographic evidence, Amanda Bynes was seen sleeping on a couch at a Beverly Hills mall after claiming on her Twitter that her parents won't give her money to rent an apartment.

The tweet in question was posted on Nov. 4: Bynes has been erratically tweeting on and off about anger directed at her parents, who currently hold a conservatorship over her and control her finances. In the tweet, Bynes wrote, "[My parents] are with holding my belongings and money from me so I don't have new clothes or enough money to rent an apartment." TMZ reported that same day that Bynes had been crashing at a friend's place in West Hollywood, and that her parents were "burned out" and had run out of options to help their daughter.

According to Bynes' Twitter on Thursday, she fell asleep at the Beverly Center mall because she was tired from not getting a good night's rest at her friend's home:

TMZ included a photo of Bynes at the mall, so, sadly, there's no question she was indeed there:

It's troubling, to say the least — but hopefully Bynes' parents' recent decision to turn conservatorship of their daughter over to a mental health specialist who is reported to be trained in dealing with cases like Bynes' will help in some form.

According to reports, Bynes' parents made the decision after realizing they weren't able to get through to their daughter as long as she still harbored hatred toward them for having her involuntarily placed in a mental health facility — so, letting someone who is trained in cases like this could be the best way to get Bynes help. After turning over conservatorship, Bynes parents reportedly plan to move to Texas to be closer to their oldest daughter, Jillian.

Hopefully, this will be the best course of action to get Bynes the help she needs, because that's the most important thing here.