Amanda Bynes' Parents Have a Surprising Plan

by Kadeen Griffiths

In light of Amanda Bynes' latest slew of tweets updating us on her condition and recovery, this story, if true, might be a turn for the better. According to TMZ, Bynes' parents might surrender her conservatorship to a mental health professional in the hopes that the actress might be more receptive to a reconciliation with them if she doesn't feel like she is under their thumb. In a speech that the former Nickelodeon star has since said was posted by a friend, Bynes stated that her goal was to end the conservatorship by complying with the court-ordered medication and psychiatric treatment — comments that were in line with sentiments that she has expressed before about wanting to be free of her parents. Handing the conservatorship over to someone else might be the perfect compromise for all involved.

It's clear that there is bad blood between Bynes and her parents. Enforcing the conservatorship over her, as well as tricking her into involuntary hold at a psychiatric facility in California, might have caused a rift in the family that will be difficult enough to mend on its own. The fact that Bynes has shown herself willing to comply with everything that is required of her, but has repeatedly complained about the control her parents have over her is telling. In handing her conservatorship over to a professional, Bynes' parents will be freeing her from what seems to be the crux of her issue with her treatment, but not freeing her entirely when she might not be ready for that step yet.

TMZ further reports that Bynes' parents are going to hand control of her finances over to someone else as well, potentially a money manager, and are going to move to Texas to be near their other daughter. The distance between themselves and Bynes might be exactly what they need to start mending the bridges between themselves and the actress, since it gives them a fresh start with her to build a new foundation on. We don't know the details of exactly when and why the hostility between Bynes and her family cropped up, but forcing the issue has only seemed to be rough on everyone involved. And, to be honest, a professional in the art of dealing with mental illnesses are far more qualified to help Bynes through this difficult time than her parents probably are, all things considered.