'Vanderpump Rules' Jax Fired Shots At Stassi's Current Relationship, Because Of Course He Did — VIDEO

The sun rose today, so do you know what that means? I read up on my favorite reality TV show cast, natch. One article/video that made its way into my eyes: Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor spoke with Entertainment Tonight about Season 3 of the reality show. The interview covers a wonderful variety pack of Vandertopics, but the part that moved me to cross my eyes and curl my lip at my computer screen was when he talked about Stassi Schroeder. But I didn't make that stunning face right off the bat; when asked about his cast mate, ex-girlfriend, and ink-spiration, Jax started off on a rather nice note.

I’m glad that she’s back. As much as she hates me, I have no animosity or any hate towards her. I want her to do well. I hope she's happy.

Hey now! What a mature response. Well played, Jax.

Oh, what’s that? Jax wasn't done talking about Stassi? I assume he just wanted to add that it’s great that she’s moved on and that they can go about their separate lives. Maybe he thinks they could be friends one da—

I don't think she’s happy. I think she's really confused. I think she's in a relationship that's toxic right now. But, again, I want her to be happy.

Welp. He Jax'd that up REAL fast. Taking potshots at your ex’s relationship? I mean, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This is Jax we’re talking about.

Two questions:

  1. Does Jax actually have some insight into Stassi's current relationship or is he just speculating? (I'm leaning toward the latter. Yes, I'm speculating that he's speculating.)
  2. Does Jax think his and Stassi's relationship was not toxic? I'm going off of what I've seen on the reality show, but like, he isn't exactly the king of Healthyrelationshipland.

He continues:

I dated a different Stassi, she was a completely different girl. I have no idea who she is anymore, I don't think she even knows, and her friends don't know who she is. I hope she figures it out soon because she's doing a lot of damage.

I dunno what he means by "a completely different girl", but I'd LOL until my face skin melted right off of my skull if he was just talking about her shorter hairstyle.