Lily Allen's New Hair Is Surprisingly Normal

Well this is, um, surprisingly conventional. Instead of keeping with the rainbow-hued hair trend this Fall, Lily Allen went blonde and kept it basic. So the world has obviously inverted on itself or something.

The British singer used Instagram to debut her new 'do, posting a photo of her lightened locks styled in a tousled bob. It's certainly a sharp contrast from the violet/red hair she's been rocking lately, but before the blonde jokes start, Lily has a message for you. Her Instagram picture was captioned "Dumb blonde,"so she's obviously ten steps ahead of any name-calling. And if that wasn't enough to get the message across, she also posed in any photo with red lipstick and a white tee-shirt that had a very...graphic message for us.

It's certainly an uncharacteristic (and unexpected) direction for Allen to go, considering we usually see her with more eclectic hair, but I have to say, she looks good as a blonde, and with everyone else in Hollywood turning to funky colors, maybe going blonde, staying simple, and not following suit is the cool thing to do. But if her track record is anything to go by, she'll be switching it up again with a new color in no time. For now, here is Lily Allen as a blonde. She'll let her shirt do the talking.

Images: Getty Images; EOnlineUK/Twitter