'RHOC' Co-Creators Sue Bravo

Trouble in Bravo-dise! Thursday, TMZ reported that two of the three OG creators of the Real Housewives of Orange County hit Bravo and the third creator of the OG Housewives series with a lawsuit. Former RHOC executive producers Patrick Moses and Kevin Kaufman are suing Bravo executive producer Scott Dunlop and the network for $5 million. Uff da.

So, what's this all about? What happened? Here's what allegedly went down: Many moons ago (OK, less than a decade ago), Moses, Kaufman, and Dunlop dreamed up a reality program called Behind the Gates (the original title of RHOC). The show would follow a group of housewives who lived in the Coto de Caza neighborhood of Orange County. The trio struck up a deal with Bravo and the trio would divvy up the earnings evenly. Alas, according to the lawsuit, that's not what happened.

According to The Wrap, Dunlop and Bravo supposedly made another deal that cut Moses and Kaufman out of the show before RHOC's second season was about to go into production and before the franchise took off. YIKES. According to TMZ, Moses and Kaufman were offered a few thousand dollars to "release their interests" back in 2009, but now they want their piece of the franchise pie.

Out of habit, I initially wrote, "I wonder if this will be addressed next season," but then I remembered Executive Producers of the Real Housewives isn't a show. Reality TV has fried my brain.