8 Quick Game-Day Snacks to Make During Halftime, Because Who Said Wings Were Enough?

I love Sunday football. An endless day of eating, drinking and screaming at the television without ever putting pants on? Uh, sign me up immediately. And while the Giants are having a less-than-desirable season this year, I'm still going to root my ass off for the Boys in Blue while throwing back mini pizza after mini pizza and dipping so hard into that homemade queso dip that I lose a few chips in the mix.

Aside from the touchdowns, the field goals and the promising display of hunky men traipsing up and down the field in tight athletic pants, there's one other reason to love football: unlimited snacking. It's like a free pass to cheat on your diet and your SO with heaping helpings of all the naughty nachos you can get your hands on. And as long as we're being honest, I'm perfectly okay with the Giants blowing their Super Bowl odds so long as you keep refilling that heavenly buffalo chicken dip.

And while kick-off gets all the glory — the unveiling of all the afternoon's treats and eats — it's really halftime that should steal the show. Just one look at these quick bites, and there's no denying that these dishes could go all the way.

Bacon and Pecorino Popcorn

The only way to change your mood when your team’s down 27-3 at the half? Popcorn cooked to kernaly (if that’s not a word, it should be) perfection and sprinkled with chunks of meaty, delicious bacon courtesy of A Spicy Perspective.

Image: A Spicy Perspective

Egg, Asparagus, Goat Cheese, and Prosciutto Tart

So it’s not the greasy, pimple-inducing, oh-my-god-my-chin-is-covered-in-oil finger good that you’re used to serving, but we’re pretty sure you’ll make an exception for this high-brow dish. After just one bite of this head-turner from Radical Possibility, you’ll be wishing you’d found it sooner.

Image: Radical Possibility

Cranberry-Jalapeno Cream Cheese Dip

Are you ready to have your world changed forever — for the better? If you answered yes — and hell, even if you answered no (like a moron) —you need to try this immediately. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe will blow you away with the flavors on this hunka, chunka cheese dip. And I promise you’ll love it.

Image: Mel’s Kitchen Cafe

Shrimp and Potato Croquettes

The secret to having this Kitchen Confidante dish ready in time for your halftime refuel is to prep them before the game starts and pop them in right at the halfway point of the first quarter.

Image: Kitchen Confidante

Zucchini Ricotta Fritters

Happiness is a day that includes this delectable mixture from Five and Spice. These fritters are light, salty and savory, the perfect mix of everything. So even if the game isn’t going the way you wanted, you’ll get to call the shots for your tastebuds.

Image: Five and Spice

Baked Buffalo Chicken Taquitos

Double-dog dare you to find just one thing to love rave about when it comes to this Taste and Tell stunner. Spoiler alert: You won’t be able to pick just one. It’s that good.

Image: Taste and Tell

Spicy Korean Fried Chicken

Those prepackaged, frozen bags of popcorn chicken don’t hold a candle to this hot-and-heavy homemade recipe from I Am a Food Blog. It comes with instructions on how to make your own ranch!

Image: I Am a Food Blog

Loaded Homemade Hummus

A little guilt-free snacking, anyone? This vegan and gluten-free recipe from What’s Cooking Good Looking doesn’t taste like a diet treat — it’s loaded with proteins and spices. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself licking the bowl, either.

Image: What’s Cooking Good Looking