So Rebecca Definitely Killed Sam, Right?

OK, I think it is finally time to call it. On Thursday's episode of How To Get Away With Murder , Rebecca confessed to killing Sam Keating. We've been pulled back and forth all season on whether the very guilty looking Rebecca actually did kill Sam Keating, because this is Shondaland, and in Shondaland, nothing is as it appears. So when the law students said it was all "her" fault, and basically blamed Rebecca for being involved in covering up Sam's death, it felt obvious, but almost too obvious. Plus, Annalise still looks like a great suspect. That was until Rebecca confessed to Wes, in the flash forward sequence, to having killed Sam. Or so it seems.

"He wanted to kill me, I had no other choice," she explains to Wes in the hotel room he sequesters her in after washing Sam's blood off of her body at Annalise's office. "I saw the trophy sitting there; I hit him in the head. He deserved to die, and I am glad he is dead." So, it seems that's as great as a confessions as they come. But then Rebecca said something that made me question everything.

"My trial is in a couple of days. I am already going to jail, and now you might, too. And I will kill myself if that happens." The "I am already going to jail," makes it seem like Annalise isn't doing too well in convincing the court that Rebecca is innocent in Lila's murder. So is it possible that Wes was really the one that killed Sam, and Rebecca is willing to take the fall for him? And her "confession" was just a prepared speech for what she will say? It could explain as to why Wes was so against her saying it.

We still one week until we learn who really killed Sam Keating, as past promos for the show have said. So if we still have time, and Rebecca is confessing now, I'm thinking she is not the real killer of Sam Keating. Lila's murder though? She could still be involved in that, for sure.

Images: ABC