'Slednecks': Tosca Throws A Bottle At Trevor & Amber Gets Into A Fight At The Break-Up Season Party

I could say I didn’t spend the entirety of Thursday night’s episode of Slednecks hoping to see more of that dumpster-stealing bear from the series premiere. But that would be a lie. Because ever since that bear entered my life, I’ve wondered if and when I’ll see it again. No, the bear didn’t make its return this week. But I will not lose hope. There’s always next week. I’m sorry. I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's talk this week. What happened this Thursday? Some making out, some mud angel-making, some wrestling, and some Alaskan Roulette. Oh, and! Tosca threw a bottle at Trevor’s head. There was blood. Oh, and!!! Amber got into a fight with a random partygoer at the break-up season party. Everyone joined in on the mêlée. Amber wound up on the ground. And that’s how the hour ended.

It was a very violent episode.

Ya know, as intense as the drunken brawl was, it wasn’t nearly as shocking as the bottle throw moment. Like, as soon as Amber began telling people about the rando who pushed her in the face, I knew something was about the pop the F off. And when Amber confronted the rando and the rando gave Amber A Look, I knew something was about to pop the F off. And pop the F off it did.

As for the bottle chucking? Nope. Didn’t expect it. Like, I totally expected Tosca to be upset with Trevor after she told him she'd be willing to postpone her life plans for him/love, and he drunkenly mush-mouthed something about her being a "secret." And I totally expected her to be furious after he called her the C-word. I mean, I was furious on her behalf.

Also? Why was it that every word Trevor uttered sounded like it was trudging through a JELL-O mold EXCEPT the C-word? It was like he could put his drunken slurring on pause for one word and one word only, and that was the word he chose.

How I thought the rest of the scene would play out: Tosca would call Trevor out for being a jerkwad and then leave. Maybe toss her beer into the fire. Steal his shoes. I don't know.

How it actually played out: Tosca threw a bottle at Trevor's face. And the bottle broke on his head. And his forehead immediately started bleeding.

Y'all. I wasn't ready for that.

I thought they would call it quits the next time they spoke, ya know, over the C-word and bottle chuck incident. Instead, they laughed at and apologized to each other about the C-word and bottle chuck incident. Definitely did not see that coming. And I definitely did not predict that they'd laugh at the C-word and bottle chuck incident, only to go their separate ways because of the L-word. Not a single laugh was had about the drunken L-word.

Full of twists, this show is. Full of twists.

Image: MTV